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Message From Our President

A Look Back:  The 2016 Dallas Police Shooting, Rotating Lunch Locations and a Lean and Mean Board

As I sit down to write this, I realize it will be my last President’s note. I can’t believe my term as chapter president is almost over. It was just as those who came before me said it would be: rewarding, challenging, and more time consuming than I’d imagined. Even though, it could have been a full-time job, the rewarding part definitely makes up for it.

In the past year, we hosted what I think was the most inspiring Fall Conference keynote lunch on the topic of the Dallas police shooting in the summer of 2016, launched a pilot to test rotating lunch locations, hosted four networking happy hours and are working to modernize and streamline our communications with chapter members. This board has been truly amazing to work with. We were lean and mean.  If you see a board member, please thank them. They deserve all the praise.

There’s still so much work to do and I plan to stay involved to help our incoming president, Melissa Roberts, execute those ideas. We are still looking for board members and directors to join us. I promise it’s a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and help the chapter continue to thrive. If you’re interested, please let me know.

Our June lunch is a continuation of our pilot program to rotate locations and will be at Capital One in Plano on the topic of diversity and inclusion (such an important topic in today’s world). I hope to see you there. Thank you for letting me lead you this past year. It’s been an honor.

-Melissa Hancock, [email protected]


Melissa Hancock is the 2017/2018 President for the Chapter. She is also a Vice President at Weber Shandwick, one of the world's leading public relations firms.

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Can You Compete in 2018? Our Recruitment Experts Share Their Job Search Knowledge

According to the high-level view published recently in IABC’s Communication World Magazine (members can log in to read the full article on this and related topics), business and financial acumen, strategic adviser skills, change management and leadership development offer major value to employers.

We wanted to get more specifics about the local (and national) job market scene. To find what a communicator needs in 2018 to get on a senior executive or hiring authority’s short-list, we asked three experts in the field – all friends or members of IABC Dallas. 


“The rules we have become used to have been thrown out the window."




Larry Brantley, President, Chaloner, [email protected]

• A multi-faceted employee is a desired employee. Writer, speaker, strategist and leadership counselor are all desired in one person.
• Flexibility and openness to change are desired. Change management is a constant. Someone who is quick to find his/her footing and effectively communicate to the staff and management in a constantly organization is highly desired.
• The line between internal vs. external communications is being blurred. The person who is quoted as saying, “not my job,” would be accurate--since they would not be hired, EVER.


“Show ROI, show accomplishments."





Matthew Feldman, Sr. Director, Client Enablement, Aquent, [email protected]

• Companies want employees who are agile—those who work well even when there is ambiguity, can work independently, and can come into a new team or organization and make an impact quickly. And because companies are doing more with less, an entrepreneurial spirit in a candidate is valued as well.
• Candidates need to show that they are creative problem-solvers. Candidates should know that it's not just about creating the deliverables (the article, the communication plan and so on), it is about being able to diagnose the problem, assess what is needed, and then provide that solution.
• Show these abilities through the accomplishments you put on your resume. Don't just give a list of skills—demonstrate ROI.



"Certain skills are hot."





Kim Linnen, Staffing Executive, [email protected]

• With more and more companies offering remote work to attract top talent within the industry, experience working with remote teams or the ability to clearly communicate with co-workers or manage people who sit in multiple locations is critical. 
• Companies are looking for communicators who can be both strategic and executional when needed, whether in a management or functional role.  Examples of both are what companies are looking for on a resume.
• Experience working within content management systems, such as WordPress or Joomla, is a hot skill set. Even hotter is the ability to manipulate code if needed within the CMS.  Someone with “tech fluency” is highly sought after. Highlighting on a resume or discussing in an interview examples of quickly learning a newly implemented CMS, Digital Project Management or DAM tool is recommended.

All three of our experts made it clear that candidates need to approach a job opening knowing exactly what, in their past experience or skill set, will be most valued by the company they are pursuing. Ask yourself: What problem can you solve for them? What new business objective do you make it possible for them to meet? Don't interview until you can answer those questions—and then, good luck!


Laura Rivera serves on the Communications Team for IABC Dallas. Working in the DFW area, she has 10+ years of experience managing and producing communication strategies and marketing content.

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Have You Ever Asked: What's in it for me?

IABC Dallas relies on the hard work and professional expertise of its volunteers and Board to bring communicators in the DFW area opportunities to learn, grow, and network. These generous folks give their time and energy to efforts that they know will benefit others. The benefits go both ways, though, and we invite you to join us in bettering the industry and each other!

Apply for a board at

Apply for a volunteer position (membership not required):  Click here

"Serving as a new member of the IABC Dallas board this year gave me the opportunity to lead and learn with the support of peers in the communications industry. When you put in the volunteer hours with this established and evolving group, you are rewarded with tangible results and solid professional relationships. It is a great experience."



Kathryn Lysko, Vice President Communications, IABC Dallas


"Being on the IABC Dallas board has given me the opportunity to learn best practices from some of the top communicators in North Texas."






Melissa Roberts, Incoming President, IABC Dallas

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Beyond Diversity: Fostering Inclusion in the Workplace

Beyond Diversity:  Fostering Inclusion in the Workplace

Everyone has an exclusion story – a time you felt discounted for who you are or that your voice didn’t matter. And unfortunately for many folks – exclusion stories are an all-too-common reality in the workplace.

The case for building a diverse and inclusive culture has been made for several years. But how do you actually implement a strategy that truly moves the needle?

Join us on June 12 as Stephanie Jeffery, Head of Diversity & Inclusion for Capital One Financial Services, shares how her team is building an environment where employees feel empowered to bring their whole selves to work. Learn the role that you as a communicator play in elevating diverse voices and viewpoints.

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, June 12th

 June Professional Development Luncheon

 Capital One Conference Center

8036 Dominion Parkway

Plano, Tx

11:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.

 Register at


Tuesday, June 26th

 Final 2017-2018 Board Meeting

Introduction of 2018-2019 Board

 Times Ten Cellar

6324 Prospect Ave

Dallas, Tx

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