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    Message From Our President

    I’ve never been a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I feel an obligation this year to find a focus, something to put my energy toward in a positive, meaningful way. For much of 2020, I feel like were all a bit lost at sea, waiting for the next gust of wind to blow us off course. Or worse, looking up into the teeth of a rogue wave determined to swamp us.

    But not anymore, no sir! In 2021, I’m determined to be proactive. I recognize that dark days are still ahead, but I am digging in and intend to cling fast to my one New Year’s resolution: To actively seek out joy. And I challenge you to come with me on this one.

    What does “seek out joy” mean? That depends on you. Do you like to write? Schedule time to write more. Write blogs, poetry, screen plays, letters to friends, anything that makes you happy.

    Are you a designer or an artist? Break out the sketchbook on a hike, learn a new medium, frame some of your old pieces and hang them in your home.

    For me, travel brings me joy and inspiration. This time last year, I was boarding a boat for a weeklong National Geographic excursion up the west coast of Costa Rica. But for now, I’ll settle for weekend roadtrips and hikes with a camera and my dog. Still joyful, just a little different.

    The options to find joy are limitless: Gardening, crafting, cooking, volunteering, reading, studying a new language, learning a new skill, connecting with new people – all of these activities float someone’s boat. Maybe yours.

    The coming year will continue to be a challenge, but there are glimmers of hope on the horizon. When you need a little spark, however, remember you can create your own moment of joy.

    I’d love to hear from you about your New Year’s resolutions and how you’ll be seeking joy in 2021. Join our Strictly Social happy hour on Feb. 4 and share your plans!

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Katherine Brock
    President, IABC Dallas

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    Upcoming Events

    We’ve all been through turbulent times. Covid-19, politics and social protest have landed on top of disruptive digital change in every workplace. Few employee communicators have had time to draw breath recently.

    But author Liam FitzPatrick argues that there are a number of fixed laws that govern how we approach the challenge of giving counsel, engaging our colleagues and making a difference in our organizations. Regardless of what we’re asked to do, deep audience insight, loving data, engaging line managers and being proud of our mission are some of the keys to unlocking real value.

    These are at the core of his book Successful Employee Communications which draws on the stories of leading communicators from around the world.

    Evan Krause, IABC Dallas vice president of Chapter Services, will host Liam in a conversation that will explore the importance of communicators' core beliefs, the need to invest in our own skills and differences in practice around the globe. Liam might even explain why he thinks writing skills are overrated!

    Join us Jan. 19 for what will surely be a riveting discussion. 

    Liam has over 30 years’ experience of PR and internal communications gained in consulting and in-house roles across a range of sectors. UK-based, he advises organizations around the world on best practices and change and is well-known as a teacher and trainer. He has written extensively, co-authoring two widely acclaimed practical guides, contributing to multiple textbooks and penning articles in a range of media.

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    Get insight and perspective on the latest communications trends and issues from The Business Communicators podcast series, presented by our friends at IABC Houston! 

    For example, in a recent edisode, Bonnie Caver, chairman of the International Executive Board for IABC, joins The Business Communicators to break down the state of the industry, why 2020 has given communicators a voice at the table, why innovation is transforming the way we work, and the path forward for IABC. 

    Then, the Business Communicators discuss influencer marketing and the latest puzzle created by David Dobrik that is changing the way content creators interact with their millions of followers.  

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