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    Message From Our President

    Hey IABC Dallas Tribe!

    I must share, I am sort of stupidly geeking out about our upcoming March event!

    “Are you in the Clubhouse? Social Audio for Brand Communicators” with special guest expert James Nickerson will be held on March 9.

    Being completely honest here, I don’t know much about Clubhouse. And I have an Android phone which means, for now, I’m not cool enough to get in.

    Here’s what I think I know: Clubhouse is a social audio platform that you have to be invited to join by someone who actually is cool enough to already be a member. You can host, listen in on and participate in other people’s phone calls and, so far, it’s attracted celebrity users like Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart and Elon Musk.

    Here’s what I definitely know: Opportunities to learn about emerging technology and how we can leverage it for our own brands and companies’ interest should be jumped on! Whether or not it makes sense for my company and as a channel for us to use going forward, at least I need to be educated about the pros and cons, the what ifs and what’s nexts.

    So I can’t wait for this discussion. And for when I can be one of the cool kids in the Clubhouse on my Android phone. Someone save an invitation for me!

    See you on March 9!

    Katherine Brock
    President IABC Dallas

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    Calendar of Events

    Are you in the Clubhouse? Social Audio for Brand Communicators
    March 9, 11:30 a.m.

    The Social Audio sector has recently emerged with more than 31 companies, and the Clubhouse app is gaining buzz as the leader in this new market. Still in beta, this invite-only platform, already valued at $100 billion, has quickly scaled to over 10 million users and secured a $200 million investment. 

    How does this platform fit into your communications strategy? What opportunities do your brand and your leadership have for marketing, PR and internal and external communications? What things can you as a brand marketer and communicator do today to prepare for this new platform?

    James Nickerson will provide an analysis of the social audio market, share data on the Clubhouse user demographic and examples of early brand activations on the platform.  Learn about upcoming challenges and opportunities for brand communicators and what marketers are doing now. 

    Strictly Social with IABC Dallas
    March 25, 6 p.m.

    Register today to join us for March's Stricly Social, a chance to meet and network with local communications pros. This is a virtual, agenda-free meet-up. 

    And are you looking for a new work opportunity, or perhaps hiring for your team? We'll save time for that, too! 

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