The Coty Award

    The Communicator of the Year award (COTY) is an annual honor that IABC Dallas bestows upon one local professional that has served an outstanding example to other members through his/her quality of work and contributions to the profession.

    The COTY honors those communicators who have:

    • the guts to establish tough objectives for their work,

    • the mettle to meet those objectives with finesse,

    • and the savvy to prove they have done so, to anyone who asks.

    Also unlike other awards, it places a keen emphasis on service to IABC and the communications profession, as well as the ability to excel at one’s work.

    Past Recipients – View the list of COTY winners from 1975-present.

    From 1953 to 1974, when the association’s membership consisted mostly of publication editors, the award was known as Editor of the Year.

    In 1974 we changed the name of the award to Communicator of the Year to reflect the broader base of communication disciplines that members of IABC were undertaking.