Welcome to IABC Dallas!

    You’re getting ready to start your career after college, but may want some opportunities that make you stand out. You might be searching for practical work experience. Or perhaps you want to meet some working professional communicators. Maybe you want guidance on which area of communications to pursue. You may be leaving your university town and want to make connections in your new location.

    IABC can help you with all of this BEFORE you graduate.

    Benefits for Students Who Join IABC

    Member benefits at a fraction of the cost

    Full professional membership costs are reduced 80 percent for full-time students. Also, students always receive a discount on admission to our events whether they are members or not.

    Network with professional communicators

    You will be able to network with current professionals in the communications field and learn about issues relevant to your career. If you are able to network with professionals while you’re a student, this can help you build relationships before you need them.

    Volunteer opportunities that provide real-world skills

    By volunteering with the IABC Dallas chapter, you can pick the type of project you want to assist with and learn or practice new skills. You can gain real-world experience with writing, networking, event support, and audience engagement in a volunteer project. You don’t have to be a member to volunteer – you can do this now! Contact [email protected], our Vice President of Volunteer Recruitment, to learn more.

    Access to IABC International’s job and internship board

    Student members get access to IABC International’s list of internships and jobs. You can even set an alert to receive email alerts for jobs and internships as they are added to the international site. IABC’s global network can help you find internships, meet potential employers, and hone your interviewing skills.

    Exposure to a variety of communication-oriented fields

    IABC also will help you learn about opportunities in multiple communication-oriented career choices. All sorts of industries need communications professionals, and IABC can help point you in the right direction.

    Access to IABC International’s resources

    Use IABC’s online library of books, case studies, and articles to help you complete your school projects.

    We would love to meet you! To find out more about membership, contact our Vice President of Membership [email protected].