Board Nominations

    Call for nominations: 2020/2021 Board of Directors

    Thank you for your interest in serving on the 2020/2021 IABC Dallas Board. In this packet you will find:

    • Information about the nomination process
    • Roles and duties of Dallas Board members


    Serving on the IABC Dallas Board will help you to develop personally and professionally to become more valuable to your organization or clients, and to gain greater access to professional resources, communications best practices and enhanced networking experiences.  

    Being an IABC Dallas leader gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact on our chapter and its members. Our leaders make decisions that support the health of the chapter and guide the professional development of our members, the future of IABC and the communications profession.


    IABC members in good standing, based in the DFW area, are eligible for nomination. Non-members are also eligible for nomination provided that they become an IABC member.

    Nomination Committee

    Applications will be reviewed by the:

    • 2019/2020 President
    • 2019/2020 President Elect

    Nomination Timeframe

    • The nomination period opens on April 27; all applications must be received by May 29.


    • Nominees will be notified of their selection by June 5.


    • The Nomination Committee's recommendations for the 2019/2020 board will be confirmed by the membership in a slate vote in June.


    • The newly confirmed 2019/2020 board will shadow the current board during the transition.


    • Board roles commence on July 1, 2020 and last for one year (June 30, 2021).


    Selection Criteria for Nominees

    A number of criteria will be taken into consideration when evaluating nominations, including:

    • Previous leadership and management skills and experience or an interest in taking on this type of role.


    • Strategic thinkers who are also keen to roll up their sleeves and deliver.


    • A strong service ethic; this is a working board, not an honorary role.


    • Demonstrated competency as a communications practitioner and an interest in the advancement of the profession.


    • Strong team player.


    • Business acumen – running a chapter is a bit like running a small business.


    Board Roles & Responsibilities

    • These positions require a commitment for a full year (term runs July 2020 – June 2021)
    • Required to attend eight (8) or more board meetings and participate in programming as your schedule allows
    • Required to attend five (5) or more luncheons and participate as requested
    • Board members will uphold the IABC Code of Ethics and the IABC Dallas Bylaws.


    (You are welcome to apply for more than one position)


    Time commitment: High

    • Automatically succeeded to this position after serving as President-Elect the prior board term
    • Provides overall leadership and direction for the chapter and board
    • Determine strategy for the year; set goals
    • Budget decisions: invest in membership, grow areas we want to support, cut unprofitable programs
    • Set schedule and agenda for board meetings
    • Connect and idea-share with other chapter leaders
    • Regularly evaluate board members' and management committee's quality of participation
    • Review chapter policies, procedures and by-laws each year; update if necessary



    Time commitment: Low

    • 3-Year Commitment to also hold President and Past President Positions
    • Serve as VP of Finance position in order to understand the chapter’s budget and financing needs. This includes:
    • Monthly reporting at Board meetings (income, expenses, balance, reserves, projections…)
    • Submits annual financial report to HQ
    • Sets annual budget in cooperation with president, accountant and board: forecast chapter revenue and expenses; set realistic targets for year
    • Track income and expenses; look for ways to save money, increase revenue
    • Pays invoices and reimburses board members for chapter expenses
    • Maintains reserves (min. 3-4 months’ worth of year’s budget in the bank)
    • Communicates with banking institution that holds chapter’s money
    • Secure liability insurance
    • Succession Planning: manage nomination process for following year's Board & Director roles
    • Liaison with HQ; attend monthly leadership calls and annual IABC Leadership Institute
    • Provides backup support to the President
    • Oversees special projects, as required
    • Assists Past-President in preparing chapter management awards



    Time commitment: Low

    • A resource for the current board and management committee
    • Provides counsel and back-up to the President
    • Leads preparation and submission of chapter management awards
    • Available to help with any of the portfolios when needed
    • Reviews by-laws mid-term, present edits to Board when needed



    Time commitment: Moderate 

    • Develops membership strategy to recruit and retain members
    • Assemble committee members (with assistance from VP, Volunteer Recruitment and Recognition) to assist in program execution and lead programs, where applicable
    • Welcomes new members through phone calls and emails
    • Report monthly on joined, renewed, lapsed, about-to-lapse
    • Analyze members’ geographical region (work/home), industry, field (internal, external, marketing, PR…)
    • Innovate on ways to market to members & non-members (in conjunction with VP Branding & Engagement)
    • Handle inquiries regarding membership (join, renew, discounts, etc.)



    Time commitment: Moderate 

    • Set the strategy and goals for web and email
    • Assemble committee members as needed to assist in program execution and lead programs, where applicable
    • Track and report monthly on web and email analytics and trends (click rate, open rate, page views, unique visitors, etc.)
    • Coordinate content with other board members across channels -- website and e-newsletter
    • Coordinate with VP Programs and VP Special Events to communicate IABC Dallas events across website and e-newsletter channels
    • Lead web content director, newsletter director, and website director to maintain website copy, communications on chapter’s website and through monthly e-newsletter
    • Lead the photographer in capturing event initiatives and sharing via newsletter and web
    • Work closely with VP Branding to collaborate on social initiatives



    Time commitment: High 

    • Plan and execute 8-10 chapter educational program lunch events
    • Secure speaker(s) for each event
    • Work with speaker on topic development
    • Coordinate with event venue on day-of logistics
    • Assemble committee members (with assistance from VP, Volunteer Recruitment and Recognition) to assist at events and also serve as back-up if VP is unable to attend
    • Plan and execute other professional development events (breakfasts, for example), if determined a benefit to chapter
    • Work with VP Communication and VP Branding to promote events
    • Serve as Emcee at professional development events; identify a backup as needed
    • Determine ticket costs & budgets with President
    • Work closely with Director, Sponsorships to secure sponsors for meetings
    • Innovate on new programs and PD opportunities
    • Report monthly on revenue, post-event wrap-up, upcoming events
    • Work with Director, Sponsorship to identify sponsors (and help recruit where needed) to make sure finance goals are met for each event



    Time commitment: Low 

    • Attends board meetings or identifies back up
    • Provides meeting minutes for each board meeting within a week following the meeting
    • Coordinates approval of board meeting minutes
    • Compiles meeting agenda for board meetings and is responsible for cataloging agendas and minutes
    • Assists in organizing and uploading documents to the IABC Dallas shared drive



    Time commitment: Moderate 

    • Set the social strategy and goals for communicating the brand and culture of the organization
    • Develop annual marketing plan (based off of strategic board plan) for the chapter; works with directors and VPs to implement
    • Assemble committee members as needed to assist in program execution and lead programs, where applicable
    • Work closely with VP Communications and other committee members to promote culture and brand of the chapter to its members
    • Coordinate with VP Programming to communicate IABC Dallas events across social channels
    • Lead social media director and graphics director to maintain communications on chapter’s social channels
    • Track and report monthly on social analytics and trends (clicks, impressions, engagement, etc.)



    Time commitment: Moderate 

    • Assemble committee members as needed to assist in program execution and lead programs, where applicable
    • Responsible for planning and executing one or more events to aid in raising funds and offering training/development to members and non-members
      • Works with committee members to plan theme, educational tracks and agenda for conference
      • Identify and recruit speakers and panelists
      • Coordinate with speakers and panelists
      • Work with VP Communications and VP Branding & Engagement to promote event
      • Develop run-of-show for the event and execute according to plan
      • Work closely with Director, Sponsorships to identify event sponsors
      • Develop budget (in partnership with President) and track against it; with the goal of generating revenue for the chapter
    • Manage Directors of engagement events including Happy Hours and Special Interest Groups



    Time commitment: Moderate 

    • Develops a volunteer services strategy
    • Recruit committee members to assist in program execution and lead programs, where applicable
    • Builds and maintains a volunteer inventory of positions and available volunteers
    • Recruit chapter volunteers and match available volunteers with open director and volunteer positions
    • Implements volunteer recognition program
    • Works with other board members to ensure their volunteer needs are meet
    • Maintains volunteer job descriptions and alerts VP Communications when open positions need to be promoted
    • Work with VP, Sponsorship to identify sponsors (and help recruit where needed) to make sure finance goals are met for volunteer activities and programs



    Time commitment -- low 

    • Responsible for various areas and programs that are considered to provide “services” to chapter members
    • Works with market research partner to deploy and analyze annual membership survey
    • Responsible for overseeing mentorship program
    • Receives requests for grants from membership; works with executive committee to review and accept or decline request
    • Leads chapter accreditation program, working with International to communicate program updates and benefits, coordinate hosting the exam once or twice per year



    Time commitment – moderate

    • Responsible for identification and retention of sponsors for luncheons and other chapter events.
    • Work with other board members on additional event and chapter sponsorships including but not limited to happy hours, conferences, etc.
    • Create/update sponsorship packages & levels (in-kind; cash; platinum, gold, silver)
    • Assemble committee members as needed to assist in program execution and lead programs, where applicable
    • Send sponsor information (logos) and marketing plan to Communications and Branding teams monthly
    • Research potential sponsors; draft & deliver pitch to potential sponsors
    • Target the person(s) at a corporation who holds the purse strings
    • Build relationships with sponsors; set-up long-term agreements
    • Draft contracts
    • Track metrics: attendance, demographic, industries, job titles, revenue
    • Ensure IABC fulfills its promises to sponsor & vice versa
    • Work closely with board members to secure sponsors as needed for events


    Questions? Email Katherine Brock at [email protected].