Volunteer Reward


Join IABC Dallas on Oct. 11 for Our Professional Development Luncheon, “De-escalating Conflict in the Workplace,” featuring Robyn Short

If you manage people or processes, you most likely experience near constant workplace conflict. From warring egos to workplace stress and heavy workloads, the American workplace is wrought with conflict.

Research reveals that U.S. employees spend 2.1 hours per week involved with conflict — that is almost one day a month dedicated to the disruptions caused by poorly navigated conflict and unresolved disputes. Imagine if you could reclaim that time and help your coworkers reclaim it as well.

Few managers receive any training in conflict management and dispute resolution, and this lack of effective conflict management skills in the workplace is costing corporations approximately $359 billion in paid hours, or the equivalent of 385 million working days. It doesn’t have to be this way.

With two decades’ experience in corporate communications and expertise in conflict management and leadership training, conflict specialist Robyn Short will share insights and approaches that will illuminate paths to peace in your work environment.  Click here to register.


IABC Dallas Named Large Chapter of the Year!

Every year, IABC recognizes chapter across the globe with awards for their leadership and work to promote the Communications profession as a strategic component for business success. The trophies are handed out in person at the annual IABC Leadership Institute conference, where all IABC Board Members and leaders gather to share insights and education.

Exciting news! At this year’s Leadership Institute Dallas won the following three awards:

•    Large Chapter of the Year, recognizing the overall efforts of IABC Dallas’ board and volunteers for continuously driving activities and engagement of DFW’s communication professionals.
•    Chapter Management Award for Professional Development, recognizing the continuous efforts to build and deliver a consistent program of relevant and varied Professional Development events
•    Chapter Communications Award, acknowledging our efforts to consistently communicate with our members and guests and engage them in ongoing discussions on relevant communication topics, through online and social media

It's great to be recognized as a chapter that leads in programs and engagement with volunteers and the community. The IABC Dallas board is proud to accept these awards on behalf of  members and volunteers.

Congratulations IABC Dallas!




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