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"Oops, I clicked it again: The pitfalls of display advertising and the excuses we make for it."

Would you believe it's been 23 years since the first display ad was run? ATT's ad, which was the first of its kind recorded an astounding 44% click through rate. Since that time, spending on digital advertising has eclipsed TV spending, and the industry average click through rate is 0.01%!

Sterling Hayman and Rob Howe from ReCreation Dallas will walk attendees through the history of display ads, the technology behind digital programmatic advertising and the data available to marketers thanks to your mobile phone. They'll also answer the question "Since digital is outpacing TV, does that mean I should move my budgets there?" While making a case that no matter the technology or medium, connecting with the consumer and moving them to action is the top priority. Click to read more and to register.

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